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Submitting your writing is easy.  Just follow the instructions below:

Write your article and proofread it very carefully.  We do not want to have to send it back for you to edit.

Please use MS Word if you can.  If you do not have that, then try to use notepad or a simple text editor.

Please use standard typeface ( 12 point, times new roman )

Email your piece as an attachment to { the link is on every page where it says "Mail us" }

Include the following in your mail so we can get your info right:

  1. Your name (we only use your initials for the article on the site)

  2. Your age

  3. Your Grade Level

  4. Your school

  5. Your teacher's name

  6. Your email address (if anyone asks to reprint your writing we will mail you for yours and your parent's permission)


If you do not want this info to be on the web site, let us know so we do not print it.

We will keep your email address in our files.  If anyone wants to contact you regarding printing your writing, we will mail you and ask if you would like to speak to them and get your parent's permission if you are under 13.  Your privacy is our first concern.

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